génesis agua 500ml sin gas
génesis con ph8 - de la gran 8

Natural Mineral Alkaline Water

Learn About the 8 Benefits

Our Origin

In beautiful Kressburgo, 1030 meters deep, between the cracks of basaltic volcanic Paraguayan rocks (the oldest in South America), we found a source of natural mineral water which is also alkaline. We bottled it and called it Génesis.

génesis propiedades y beneficios


The pH is the way we measure the acidity of water. It is rated from 0 to 14. It is acid from 0 to 6, neutral at 7 and alkaline above 7. The alkalinity of Génesis is above 8 and it is natural, as it gets its properties from the minerals of rocks, providing several benefits to the human body. There is also artificially alkaline water, created through electrolysis and sold in the market, but there are records proving the benefits of artificial alkalinity.


Natural Mineral Water (Génesis)

  • Extracted through drilling.
  • It contains sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • It is not exposed to artificial treatments to add properties or to make it safe to drink.

Mineralized Water

  • Minerals that are unfit for consumption are extracted, adding safe minerals.
  • Upon extracting these minerals, minerals that are fit for consumption are also extracted. To compensate this shortcoming, the artificial process of mineralization is carried out.

Eight Benefits

génesis beneficios y propiedades
  • génesis beneficios - antioxidante Antioxidant
  • génesis beneficios - proteje las células Protecting the cells
  • génesis beneficios - mejora la presión Improving blood pressure
  • génesis beneficios - neutraliza la acidéz Neutralizing acidity
  • génesis beneficios - mejora la digestión Improving digestion
  • génesis beneficios - da energía Energizing
  • génesis beneficios - desintoxica Detoxifying